A – 220x325mm Futsal Magnetic Tactic board

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3,000.00 дин.

Tactic board for futsal coaches – magnetic whiteboard.
An illustration of the whole court on the front side of the board (front side is magnetic) and half of the court on the back side of the table.
Length: 380mm, Width: 245mm, Thickness: 4mm, Weight: 300 gr.



The board is made of a special 5 layers PVC and 1 leyer magnetic material of 4 mm thickness, a layer depicting the playing field (both sides), and a special protective film (both sides).
It is customary to put the presentation of the entire magnetic field on one side, and the half of the field on the other. Certainly, we endeavour to meet the customer’s needs in the first place.
The board is very light, flexible and not easily breakable, but rigid enough for drawing, writing and erasing.


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