Holeball is a new sports discipline that most resembles handball.
Given that handball, as one of the favorite collective sports, does not have its own “small sport”, we came up with the idea to design something that would be attractive and to play on a small field that does not require an exclusive sports hall.
The main idea for us was that this sport uses the development of young handball players, but with its attractiveness it becomes a new favorite sport that brings pleasure to those who play it and the excitement of those who watch it.

Using all the knowledge about sport and experience in running and realizing the competition, we took care of the smallest details in every segment of the design of the new game.
Holeball is a game that is played without a goalkeeper. He plays 3 to 3. Each team has three players in the game and two reserve players. The ball hits the holes that are arranged in the upper part of the handball goal. Since the goal is to hit holes with a shot, the sport is called Holeball according to the English word hole – hole and ball – ball.

A special charm of this new sport is that a team in one attack can score from 1 to 9 points.

At the moment, we are working on the realization of the book “Holeball – Rules of the game” after which the new sport will be registered according to the laws of the Republic of Serbia. We want to mention that in our efforts we have written support from the coach of the handball team of Serbia, Mr. Veselin Vukovic, to whom this idea really liked.