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"e - score" - computer processing of the competition

What are the possibilities of application

The latest news and information

Updating of the input and the latest news and information related to the organization of sports and competition with the possibility of inserting photos and videos, documents, etc... within a single news from an unlimited number of characters and words. In addition, it is possible to enter special news taken from the media related to the organization or competition
... example »




Actual results and table

Monitoring actual final results of the quarters immediately after the match and tables ... example »

Schedule and calendar of events

Fixtures with pairs of round-and calendar of events ... example »

Live Scores

Monitoring results match the actual car in real time ... example »


Team statistics and player after the end of the game ... example »

Directories clubs and officials

Updated directories of clubs and official persons ... example »

Normative acts and various documents

Up to date database of normative acts of the organization, documents, forms, reports, etc. ... example »


"E - score"

Based on years of experience and conduct of the basketball competition 2003rd year, we had the idea to create a high-quality tool for computer and on-line monitoring of results. Knowing the needs of the Basketball Federation of Serbia organized the competition and the desire on the one hand facilitate the work of managers (commissioners) competition, and on the other, to all lovers of sport košrakaškog provide information in real time, we have the "e - score" which for many years servicing the basketball competition in Serbia. Based on their experience, improve daily application, which allows us to work this way, we can sporvedemo to all sporting events, regardless of the system of competition.

The heads of the competition is easier management and implementation of the competition, a basketball populations have provided accurate information on all events in real time.


The application itself has an excellent manipulative character as easily enables you to use advanced administration at any time, multiple users can work in different segments of the business of keeping competition. The head of the competition is able to in a very easy way to administer the appointments and changes to match, delegation of officials and promptly placed directly on the website news, information, reports and other documents relevant to competition that leadi.

Extremely easy to administer head competition when entering and edit all the necessary information related to competition (game terms, delegation officials, setting up important documents and information).


Implementation of the competition

"E - score" allows us to based on pre-defined SITEMA competition (eg, Berger, CUP, etc..), Head of the competition when we deliver competitive numbers game before the tournament, in a very short time the head of the competition with a complete schedule of events with pairs , calendar and game codes on basis of which the monitoring and calculation results in a table of the competition. On this basis, the head of the competition shall be first, the initial report (bulletin) for entering all necessary data for the first round of the competition. When you enter all information (time of games and delegation of officials), communication (newsletter) immediately placed on a website as a document, and on the website of leagues all the information contained in the current round.

Monitoring actual results and tables

"E - score" allows you to track the results of all the games in real time as well as changes in the table immediately after the competition odgiranoj game.
Upon completion, the match delegate sends an SMS message automatically to the web page provides information on the contest end result and a quarter (half), and therefore a change in the table. Also, it is possible to keep track of all matches "on line" with current trends in the results on the website, and on your mobile phone.

Data analysis and preparation of communications (newsletters)

Upon completion odigranog car team playing or after the day of competition at Cups me obrđujemo results to the table competition in electronic form to the manager over the competition announcement (newsletter) to the results, the table and officials, as well as couples next round.
Head of the competition remains to bring Terim game next round, officials and write information, special instructions or penalty provisions, if necessary.



* The application is customizable and visible on all websites



Important: The application is protected under the Protection of Intellectual Property of the Republic of Serbia.