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Basketball equipment to the scorer's table

What is included in a set


This set contains the following: Player foul markers, Team foul markers, Alternating possession arrow, the basis for the score sheet and a bag for entire equipment.

This set of basketball equipment contains all you need, as a home team, to put on disposal to table referees to conduct the match. All parts of equipment are packed in a bag, for easy handling and transferability of equipment.
Weight of bag with all equipment is less than 2 kg



The set is made ​​of lightweight and not breakable materials with a wooden stand. The illustrations are painted on quality samolepivoj foil coated with a special protective varnish.


Price and payment

Price complete set of equipment is 60 euros + shipping

Payment: Non-cash
Payment term: Pre
Time of delivery of a set: 7 - 10 days.

* To order multiple sets approve quantity discount up to 20%.


A few examples...

Player foul markers


The number indicates how many personal fouls a player whom a personal foul and clearly visible to all actors in the field.
Pointers for a personal foul players on both sides illustrated with the numbers 1 - 5.

Dimensions: Height 300mm, Width 100mm, thickness 5mm
Individual price: 30 euros +


Alternating possession arrow


Blue board with white arrow shows which team is awarded the ball after the "dead ball" or the beginning of the period. Alternate possession arrow is mutually illustrated

Dimensions: Height 250mm, Width 300mm, thickness 5mm
Individual price: 25 euros +


Team foul markers


Red sign reading "Bonus" (optional capital letter "B") shows that the team which is faulted out of the bonus.
Indicators of player personal fouls are illustrated on both sides.

Dimensions: Height 250mm, Width 140mm, thickness 5mm.
Individual price: 25 euros +



Basketball Association of Vojvodina, Regional Basketball Association of Central Serbia, Regional Basketball Association Eastern Serbia, Raska and Kosovo Metohija Regional Basketball Association, BC Radnički - Kragujevac, BC Šušanj - Šušanj, BC Magic - Budva, BC Pro-Basket - Tivat, BC Trepča - Kosovska Mitrovica...
Regional basketball federations KSV, RKSCS, RKSIS and RKMKS basketball equipment purchased and donated all his basketball clubs in the region.


Important: Set of Basketball equipment to the scorer's table is protected under the Protection of Intellectual Property of the Republic of Serbia.